Wet grass is no problem!

This morning Mark decided it was time to mow the yard. Here’s what the front of our house looks like. We have two huge maple trees that give us lots of shade.  The grass in the front yard is really thick because of the shady conditions, stays wet longer too. I thought that today would be a good time to show how well the Meg-Mo Systems handles the wet grass.

You can see from the tires that the grass is still really wet.  We are mowing with our John Deere X730 with 60″ deck.  The Meg- Mo System will fit on any make or model of lawn mower.  We match the same blade length and center hole size as your current bar blade.  Switching to the Meg-Mo System is really simple, just replace the bar blade with our disc system using the same bolt.

Here is the video from the very first pass on the front lawn.  Sorry about the lighting, it’s a bit of a challenge with so much shade and that sliver of sunlight coming through the trees.  The grass was mowed 7 days ago, but it’s growing fast this time of year.  Look at how the Meg-Mo System is continuously mulching the clippings.  Can you see how small they are?  The clippings are discharged like a fine spray instead of in lumps or clumps.


We have the deck set to cut at 3 inches.  You can see how tall the grass was before, around 9-10 inches! Mark probably should have cut it twice a week, but this is an opportunity to show you the results.  He cut a lot of length and there are NO LUMPS OR CLUMPS!

Here’s another viewing angle so you can see how the grass clippings are pulverized into a fine spray.  Don’t worry, we didn’t leave the grass on the street.  Can you see how far and wide the fine clippings are discharged though?  That is some pretty thick and wet grass on that pass! There is no need for double mowing and the deck is clean!


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