No More Sharpening

I know it sounds hard to believe. You’ve been grinding and sharpening on lawn mower blades your whole life. It must seem hard to believe that there is a blade that doesn’t require sharpening in the same way you’ve had to do, but IT’S TRUE!!

Let’s start by understanding why you have to sharpen traditional blades so often. Traditional mower blades, no matter what brand or price point, are made of mild steel. The blades have to be soft enough to bend if you hit something. Who hasn’t had a bent blade before? This is a safety function controlled by ANSI to keep the blade from breaking during an impact. A soft mild steel will go dull very quickly and even gets shorter over time. The test for steel hardness is the Rockwell scale. Traditional blades are a level 8 on the Rockwell scale. It’s never going to get any better. Traditional lawn mower blades can’t be any harder no matter what brand or style your dealer sells you. It’s never going to change. The technology hasn’t changed in over 80 years. Think about that. Truth is – if blades wear out sooner, you have to spend more money sooner.

You purchase a set of lawn mower blades and they will round off and get shorter in 20-30 hours at best. Grinding is necessary to reshape the blade into a cutting edge. Unfortunately, grinding creates heat which in turn lowers the hardness of the steel. Now your blade is even lower in hardness on that edge. And the cycle repeats itself several times a season until the blade is worthless. They go on a scrap pile and you’re off the the dealer to spend more money.

The Meg-Mo Rotary Mulching Blade is made of much harder steel. The cutting knives are attached to the disc with hardened shoulder bolts. The knives actually pivot or flex out of the way of obstacles. This eliminates bent blades. Centrifugal force will keep the knives extended and cutting until they come in contact with an object. They temporarily move out of the way and then return to cutting position after passing by the obstacle. The Rockwell rating is 45!!! The Meg-Mo blades can be much harder because they move out of the way – which is so much safer. The cutting knives are hardened through the whole knife, not just the edge. They are at least 6 times harder than traditional blades. Grinding isn’t necessary because they hold the edge and length. They last hundreds of hours with typical use.

You can polish the Meg-Mo blades with an 80-120 grit sanding disc. This doesn’t create heat. No aggressive grinding is needed because the edge holds its shape. Polishing takes just minutes. Remove the disc from the spindle and lay it on the work bench. Position the knives with the edge extended and run the sanding disc down each edge. Tighten it back onto the spindle and you’re good for many more months. Take a look at Mark’s instructions here.

How much wasted time and money are traditional blades costing you? STOP the NONSENSE! You don’t have to fight with your lawn mower blades any more. Upgrade your mower today with a better blade and take control. You deserve a better blade. The Meg-Mo Rotary Mulching Blades are proven to OUT LAST and OUT PERFORM any other blade with less maintenance.