About the Company

Everyone knows how frustrating it is wasting time and money on dull or bent lawn mower blades. We have created the MEG-MO™ System – Rotary Mulching Blades to help you get the job done faster and easier with blades that are built to last while saving you time and money.

Over 20 Years Serving the Mowing Industry

Mark and Brenda Sisson have served their lawn maintenance and landscape customers for 30 years. They started their business just like many other businesses – mowing lawns. It’s easy to understand how much time and money is wasted on continuously sharpening or replacing lawn mower blades. Shop time is not profitable.

The MEG-MO System was created to help their business by reducing shop time and increasing productivity and now we want to help you! The MEG-MO Rotary Mulching Blades are built from much harder steel than traditional blades. They hold their edge much longer without sharpening. The cutting tips flex out of the way if you hit something you’re not supposed to – that means no more bent blades or spindle damage. The rotary design with 12 cutting tips get a lot more work done and the clippings are so small they disappear. The truth is, manufacturer’s love to sell parts. There wasn’t a long-lasting blade on the market so we built it. Now you can benefit from a lawn mower blade that works harder and lasts longer so you can be more productive and profitable.

MEG-MO Rotary Mulching Blades will transform your lawn mowing as it has for over 300,00 satisfied customers. MEG-MO Rotary Mulching Blades fit all makes and models. Order yours today.