Meg-Mo Blades FAQ

Where is this product available?

  • USA
  • Canada
  • No other countries at this time

How long until I can expect my order to be shipped?

  • Orders are processed in the order we receive them.  Shipping time is 2-4 weeks. 
  • Your card will not be charged until the order is ready to be shipped.
  • You will get an email from the shipper when a shipping label is created. You can track your order status from the tracking number.
  • If you haven’t received an email from the shipper, you can be sure it is still in process.

Will it work on my mower?

  • We can fit all makes and models that currently use traditional bar blades, except:
    • Push mowers with a rope pull start 
    • Mowers with timed or closed decks
    • Electric mowers
  • We do not make blades that have a “bowtie” shape.
  • We can make them for blades with CIRCLE and STAR shaped center holes.
  • We also fit bat wings with traditional bar blades.

Will these blades work with a mulching deck or bagging system?

  • The Meg-Mo blades are constantly mulching grass clippings. The clippings are much smaller than any mulching deck or mulching blade can do. Superior mulching is a result of double the cutting tips and much more lift and discharge.
  • We recommend an open chute and removal of your current mulching system for best results.
  • Bagging clippings with the Meg-Mo blades will be much easier because they are smaller and lighter weight.
  • Bagging may not be necessary because the Meg-Mo blades leave a cleaner lawn and cleaner deck.

What information do I need to provide to place an order?

  • Make, model and mower deck size
  • OEM part number of the blade you are using now. Most part numbers are engraved on the top side toward the center.  IF you can’t find a part number you can measure the blade from tip to tip and measure the center hole.
  •  DO NOT look up the part number on the internet.  Look at your blade. If you provide the wrong part number you will be responsible for the fit and return shipping costs to correct the error.
  • We will call you if we need more information.

Do the Meg-Mo blades require more horsepower?

  • No. In fact they use less horsepower.
  • The rotary design acts as a flywheel with momentum and inertia.  They have less drag than a traditional blade. You will have more power and potential use less fuel.
  • You may need to start the blades with ¼ more throttle. Once they are spinning adjust your throttle as needed.

How do these work in tall grass?

  • Operators must mow for the conditions present.
  • The Meg-Mo blades are doing more work than a bar blade with double the cutting tips and double the air flow.
  • You will need to slow down or overlap more in combat conditions temporarily.
  • Avoid grass getting clumped up under the deck by not overloading it.  

How do I install the Meg-Mo blades?

How often do I need to sharpen?

  • Traditional blades are required to bend if you hit something hard.  This is a safety requirement for all bar blades. They are made of soft, mild steel and go dull very quickly.
  • The Meg-Mo blades pivot out of the way so they can be much harder. The steel is 7 times harder than all bar blades.
  • You should never grind on the Meg-Mo blades because heat reduces the temper and the life.
  • Use a sanding disc with 120 grit to polish them if needed.  
  • Nicks in the blade are fine. They act as a serrated knife does.
  • Watch the tips of your grass. If the tips are jagged, torn or brown it’s a good time to look at the blades.
  • Click on this link for sharpening instructions.

Is there any warranty or guarantee?

  • Lawn mower blades are a consumable product and no warranty or guarantee is offered.
  • All sales are final. No returns are allowed.
  • We guarantee fit when the correct OEM part # is provided.  
  • The MEG-MO™ Rotary Blade System is a custom-built, consumable product made from the highest quality components. The blades will mulch the grass into smaller clippings, discharge the grass farther and last longer than traditional blades. Results may vary.

How long has the product been in the market?

  • Meg-Mo blades were invented in 1996.
  • The blades are shipped from Sterling, Illinois.
  • Find videos and testimonials on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok.